About us

About us

HALANA is the first online B2B marketplace in Vietnam focusing on industrial sectors (Manufacturing & Construction), allows businesses to sell and purchase any industrial demands. Furthermore, HALANA also offers digital management with SaaS WMS (Warehouse Management System) and E-Procurement.

We currently focus on the MRO (Maintenance - Repair - Operations) and M&E (Mechanical and Electrical), in order to provide repair and replacement equipment, as well as necessary consumable materials for the operation of factories and industrial systems. Our MRO products include electrical - water supply tools and equipment, occupational safety and fire protection equipment, hand tools, chemicals,

lighting equipment, warehouse services, supporting industry materials and many more. MRO costs account for 1 - 5% of the total annual spend of a manufacturing enterprise, equivalent to the cost of M&E in the construction industry.

We offer our manufacturing and construction customers effective solutions to the stressful problem of purchasing thousands of different materials from hundreds of suppliers, while having to manage it completely with a complex paper process - which is very difficult to control and statisticize.


Not only offering an e-commerce platform to support customers in purchasing more conveniently, HALANA also contributes to Vietnam industrial sectors by applying technologies.



With 20+ categories and about 1 million SKUs, we creep inside every corner of the industry to meet all the business’s demands



We offer an experience of purchasing like shopping - easy, fast and enjoyable.



We give the best services to customers by using up-to-date technology to help customers save cost, increase productivity and improve transparency and traceability.


We aim to make B2B business easier and gradually digitize the supply chain of Vietnamese industry.


3 Years

To be on top 10 E-commerce websites in Vietnam

5 Years

To become market leader of B2B E-commerce in Vietnam

10 Years

To provide e-commerce and digital services for over 1,000,000 companies across SEA